Second site rescued from the crazy danes

Set up my site as a multisite and starting to add material from my motorcycle aktivities. Routes , overnights, best roads and stuff to do and experience. Will most likely take me a year or so but i am in no rush .. just happy to get a new hosting for my site


So .. one site secured

I have for 15 years been a victim of .. the danish shit company that seems to think they are doing hostings for internet services. They do price themselves as good but believe me, you are better off not doing business with them. In ranking they do have the top three..

1 . Worst support  2. No servicelevel 3. Rude staff

Need to get one more web out of their grip … this one took over two weeks .. My 20 minutes work included

Le Moulin de Merault

Arrived at the Mill yesterday, lovely place even in late winter. After a quite relaxed journey through Belgium and France with a lot of stops for eating and stretching .. since we didnt really have any clues about stopping places or campings we just stretched on .. at one time we turned off the main street to serch for a place but the GPS location was behind two large roadworks with a lot of restrictions, we just couldnt get to it. and it had started snowing again.

first resting day .. Le Moulin de Merault

Sue was as always the perfect host .. we backed in just outside her hedge on a farmer road. The morning after everything was covered in that crap we though had been left behind….. the polar mould. Awful stuff .. not good for anything !!


Rest of the bad day.

We went to Sollefteå. Stefan had by then discovered the bad schrimps..Medical stuff was meeded so we bought Jägermeister.