How to avoid temptations

Today is sunday … sunny and fairly warm . My intentions are to rake all leaves of the upper yard .. so i started to get in the shed to get my wheelbarrow. No problem there .. it was parked where i left it last year

However .. when trying to get to the upper part of my garden i was abruptly stopped by the parked motorbike standing there under its cover . no problem i thought .. just get the key and move it …

Now the problem started to pile up .. bike wont start .. tools out and carburetor cleaning commencing .. Just finished that off when my boss comes driving on he´s new bike (showoff)  after some man-talk and chatting the tools go back in the shed and the bike is started.. But its better to test it a bit just to make sure it really is fixed.

Time is now 6 pm and the food is on the stove … Just came back from a lovely trip around the woodlands south of Stockholm .. coffee break in the sun … driving and listening to the birds.. its true what the say “the shrink never need to visit a biker”

But raking the garden … nope … never happened 🙂


Spring arrived .. finally

In Sweden there is some rules about spring … the day when last 7 days been averaging more then 0 degrees celsius …

But in my neck of the woods we still have several degrees below zero during night .. So i suppose its not safe to plant stuff in the greenhouse …

Anyway .. i did .. Lots of stuff on the move out there .. 2 kinds of tomatoes and some salads .. Peas .. and even stuff just giving color and fragrance to my garden. I’m not the most patient gardener alive.


Security issues

I had a call this morning from an earlier client. They lost the password to one of the routers .. Thought I might remember what I did about 8 years ago .. Funny though .. I didn’t . But that reminded me of that special customer and the situation I found starting to untangle the security issues they had .

they wanted to have their firewalls checked and the strength of server security enhanced … All their information company wide was stored on one server .. Redundant disks .. Yes . What baffled me was that they relied on password security for meeting protocols , financial reports , mail and so on … One hack away from publicity . I had to have several meetings with the top brass before getting them to understand the steps in company data security.

1. Classify the info. 2. Make rules for every classification. 3. Only put data that “can” be lost on a networked server. 4. Make sure you also have a protection against employees on all local and networked servers….. 

I think I got it right in the end … And I left a list of passwords to the controller for storing in the safe .. Someone did loose it …never mind .. The info for cracking routers is on the net .. I gave the it guys a link to one .  

The International day for female humans

Today i heard a very interesting thing . In honor of the significant day someone in Uppsala (a small town just north of Stockholm) decided to change a title ..

In Sweden someone working in office, gov or council is called a “civil service man” .. no matter what sex you are the title ends with “man” .. yes its an old custom from way back… still surviving.

The brilliant thing is,  that it will now be called a “civil service person” … I suppose it took some thinking and meetings to take this brave and very intelligent decision.

Just a thought ? … Could it have been more important to decide equal salary for equal jobwhatever sex ?

The box

Bought a new toy .. and since i´m a seasoned network tech i read on the outside of the box ..  ROUTER .. yes indeed .. thats what i needed… I´m starting to get my upstairs work office done and want to get the big server up and chatting to the rest of toys downstairs. Started to assemble the cables and got the config page up … the guys developing at D-Link obviously must have a bad day … No possibility to add routing tables .. no possibility at all … just a button to set it up as either an AP or a Router … it should fix the routing by itself the manual proudly shouted ..

Yes it was on sale .. yes it was the cheapest stuff in the store .. 

But in my defense .. it said ROUTER on the box.. I´m now the proud owner of a plastic thingy barely able to route packages from one interface to another .. i suppose it works as AP .. but i already had one of those …

My thinking is that marketing have more saying in the box design than the developers.. and thats wrong !!


Projectmanaging and workflow

Yesterday i was asked if i know what Dev Ops is … and i vaguely remembered i worked with it in cooperation with Fujitsu some years ago. My recollection was that it might had been a program for change-management. I was totally wrong .. or was i ?.
After checking i found out it is about change-management but also developing .. but its not a program, it is more a structure for how to work.
So .. this got me thinking a bit ..

Now when i am player on the one man consultant market it will be totally impossible to keep the methods and education bit up to date. I done the lean, the itil and the scrum .. right down to the flower power stuff in the 80´s when you learned how to juggle colored balls and smile at different colored lamps… yes … the early days of education in project managing was dependent on what you smoked .. or rather what the founder of the strategy smoked. All of those with different names and adopted by multinational companys to get validation.

My thinking is … Different methods but very much similar in the backbone, its like Microsoft releasing new office suites .. put all menus in a bowl… shake .. compile .. release .. get paid.

Well .. Thats quite harsh .. of course they improve with time as everything 🙂

The new site ..

You can always wonder what the reasons are .. and from what planet people originate. I do !

Obviously some of them are from a place far away and the thoughts travelling through their minds are too advanced for us earthlings to understand.

So lets start over …. I’m to stubborn to let them win. Crappy hackers ..