How to avoid temptations

Today is sunday … sunny and fairly warm . My intentions are to rake all leaves of the upper yard .. so i started to get in the shed to get my wheelbarrow. No problem there .. it was parked where i left it last year

However .. when trying to get to the upper part of my garden i was abruptly stopped by the parked motorbike standing there under its cover . no problem i thought .. just get the key and move it …

Now the problem started to pile up .. bike wont start .. tools out and carburetor cleaning commencing .. Just finished that off when my boss comes driving on he´s new bike (showoff)  after some man-talk and chatting the tools go back in the shed and the bike is started.. But its better to test it a bit just to make sure it really is fixed.

Time is now 6 pm and the food is on the stove … Just came back from a lovely trip around the woodlands south of Stockholm .. coffee break in the sun … driving and listening to the birds.. its true what the say “the shrink never need to visit a biker”

But raking the garden … nope … never happened 🙂