Security issues

I had a call this morning from an earlier client. They lost the password to one of the routers .. Thought I might remember what I did about 8 years ago .. Funny though .. I didn’t . But that reminded me of that special customer and the situation I found starting to untangle the security issues they had .

they wanted to have their firewalls checked and the strength of server security enhanced … All their information company wide was stored on one server .. Redundant disks .. Yes . What baffled me was that they relied on password security for meeting protocols , financial reports , mail and so on … One hack away from publicity . I had to have several meetings with the top brass before getting them to understand the steps in company data security.

1. Classify the info. 2. Make rules for every classification. 3. Only put data that “can” be lost on a networked server. 4. Make sure you also have a protection against employees on all local and networked servers….. 

I think I got it right in the end … And I left a list of passwords to the controller for storing in the safe .. Someone did loose it …never mind .. The info for cracking routers is on the net .. I gave the it guys a link to one .