The box

Bought a new toy .. and since i´m a seasoned network tech i read on the outside of the box ..  ROUTER .. yes indeed .. thats what i needed… I´m starting to get my upstairs work office done and want to get the big server up and chatting to the rest of toys downstairs. Started to assemble the cables and got the config page up … the guys developing at D-Link obviously must have a bad day … No possibility to add routing tables .. no possibility at all … just a button to set it up as either an AP or a Router … it should fix the routing by itself the manual proudly shouted ..

Yes it was on sale .. yes it was the cheapest stuff in the store .. 

But in my defense .. it said ROUTER on the box.. I´m now the proud owner of a plastic thingy barely able to route packages from one interface to another .. i suppose it works as AP .. but i already had one of those …

My thinking is that marketing have more saying in the box design than the developers.. and thats wrong !!